Welcome to the St Albans Twins Club. We have a membership of nearly 200 families with multiple birth children, coming from the towns and villages near St. Albans. We hold a variety of events through the year for our members such as regular playgroups, bumps evenings for expectant parents, family parties and so on. Our large network of  members means a strong network other families in the same situation to share worries, experiences and tips with.

Whether you have or are expecting twins or triplets (or more!!!), the St Albans & District Twins Club is a fantastic support network and ideal place to meet other parents in a similar situation with similar issues to yourself.

Twins story available at the library
Twins story available at the library

Fearless Mirabelle book coverThe story is about twins who come from a circus family. Although they look the same their personalities are very different. One is fearless and a fantastic acrobat – perfect for this circus family. The other is afraid of heights

Bumps evening
Expecting twins or more? Upcoming Bumps evenings

pregnant bumpsCome along to one of our 'bumps' evenings to meet other parents who have had - and survived! - multiples, and to ask any questions that you might have.

Contact Lynnette for more information.

Tamba courses available to attend
Upcoming Twins Trust courses

Twins Trust logoThe Twins Trust runs a range of courses to help parents to prepare for the arrival of their multiples (such as an antenatal class, or first aid) plus a variety focused on parenting multiples. You can also listen again (for a small fee) to recordings of their previous webinars focusing on for instance behaviour, or sleep, which we would highly recommend.

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