Contact mums

Mums and kids having coffeeSo what is a Contact Mum? The role is aimed at linking up new members with an existing member who hopefully lives close by, ideally with twins about 9 – 12 months older and in a similar situation i.e. with older or younger children.

For individuals who are expecting, a Contact Mum provides them with access to someone who they can ask questions to and draw on experience from, an understanding ear etc. For members who are moving into the area it’s a great way to get information on activities within the local area. Whether an expectant mum, a mum with new born twins or someone with bigger twins a contact mum is someone who understands the tiresome questions of “Are they Identical? Are they natural?” has been there and got the T-shirt.

Some Contact Mums just exchange emails, some speak on the phone, for others it’s going out for coffee, having play dates for the little ones. How you conduct the relationship is totally up to you and how much time you can spare. Bringing up multiples is totally different to singletons so having a friendly person who understands the challenges can be a great support.

Once you’re a twins club member, if you would like to be put in touch with a Contact mum, or if you would like to volunteer to BE a Contact Mum, please contact our Contact Mum co-ordinator.