Using the Google Group

Google Group Procedure

The club’s Google Group has been set up to enable members to share information, provide and/or seek advice and support relevant to the members. In order to email everyone in the group, you send one email to The message will automatically be forwarded to everyone in the google group.

In order to reply to a message, please just press ‘reply’ and not ‘reply to all’ otherwise everyone in the group will get your reply. If your message gets a number of replies that other members may be interested in, please put together a summary of the responses (cut and paste is fine) in one message to send back to the group.

Only St Albans and District Twins Club members can register their email address on the Google Group in order to be able to send a message.

For enquiries regarding the Google Group please contact You should also use this email if you wish to register or change your email address, or if you have problems unsubscribing to the Google Group via the link at the bottom of the group emails.

It is not intended that this facility be used for chain emails or lobbying purposes. Please refrain from sending jokes etc to the Google Group, as it quickly clogs up everyone’s inbox.

Google Group Policy
  1. Please be considerate to other members of the group and consider the tone and language you use in your emails.
  2. If you have any concerns or issues please direct them only to the current committee member moderator at
  3. Please use clear subject headings on your emails for example : FOR SALE + age group, WANTED, ADVERT, RECOMMENDATION, ADVICE NEEDED etc
  4. Consider making use of the daily digest option where you receive only 1 email per day with a summary of emails given (see below for instructions on how to set this up)
  5. Reply individually to members that have requested advice if you would like them to forward on information they receive. If you don’t receive a response with summary feel free to contact the group again for advice.
  6. If several people have shown interest in receiving a summary feel free to send one out to the whole group.
Changing Google Group Preferences

How to Change your mail alert preferences for google group emails:

  1. Follow link at bottom of every email sent from Google Group,
  2. Select ‘Sign in to Google Groups’
  3. Enter address which you use to receive emails from Google Group
  4. Enter password (you may have to create an account if you have never accessed the Google Group in this way before)
  5. Discussion group should now be visible
  6. On the right hand side there is a link, ‘Edit my membership’ and here is where you can choose how you want to receive emails. The choices are:
    • No Email (I will read this group on the web)
    • Abridged Email (No more than 1 email per day, summary of content)
    • Digest Email (Approximately 1 email per day, full content)
    • Email (Approximately 9 emails per day, as they come)
    • Save your settings to whichever option you want.