New Year Party 2018

Kool Kidz logo

The 2018 New Year party is being held at Fleetville Community Centre on Saturday 3rd February from 3-5pm, and features a Kool Kidz disco. Come along and have fun – the Kool Kidz team are great at getting everyone up and dancing! Drinks will be provided; please bring a (plate of food) contribution for everyone to share. Only £7 per family (£2 if multiples are under 2) – members only.

Upcoming Tamba courses

TAMBA logoTamba runs a range of courses to help parents to prepare for the arrival of their multiples (such as their “Practical preparing for parenthood survival” course), plus a variety focused on parenting multiples. You can also listen again (for a small fee) to recordings of their previous webinars – such as Sleep; Parenting & Behaviour; Multiple Choices – Easing the stress around transition to primary school; and Individuality – The Twin Connection – Making Educated Decisions about Raising Multiples

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